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creative reflections on the east side of los angeles

the silver lake reservoir

the silver lake reservoir is a gem of the east side and one of the places i frequent. 

it is a bizarre body of water nestled between two hilly picturesque silver lake neighborhoods.  there are actually two bodies of water: the upper ‘silver lake’ and lower ‘ivanhoe reservoir.’  

according to wikipedia, the reservoir serves the communities of downtown and south los angeles, however, i have heard rumors that the reservoir is no longer functional and will be turned into a park like the echo park lake (closed until may 2013!), where you can go right up to the water.  

i have done no research regarding this conjecture, although you might say there is evidence of this because of the fairly-new meadow that has opened up along the east shore. and the new benches/seating area along testla avenue on the north shore of ivanhoe.

the 3-acre meadow is very zen.  shoes are optional, and during the day it is full of families with children, people flying kites, picnickers, yogis, sunbathers, etc.  no sports and no dogs, please. at dusk i have seen coyotes running along the water on the other side of the fence.

the reservoir attracts a crowd of people every day including runners, basketball players, and people with dogs because there is a 2-mile (approx.) track around the water, a basketball court, recreation center with a small playground, and also a sizable dog park.  

across the street from the meadow is a famous house by modern architect richard neutra (noy-trah) that you can tour on saturday afternoons for free, but currently it is being refurbished.  there are other neutra houses along silver lake blvd. because this is where he had his architecture firm!

for a map of the area, click here.  i will post photos soon.


  • 29 November 2012
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